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Biodry technology is a natural, safe and permanent solution based on a natural physics principle which stops moisture from gradually rising up through walls. It does not involve the use of any invasive or aggressive methods. Biodry is 100% effective because it is the only system that understands the true cause of this pathology and acts on it.

Guaranteed to dry out damp
We support you throughout the entire drying process until the optimal results are achieved.
No building work required
No building work required
Does not damage the building’s structure.
Does not produce electrosmog.
No planned obsolescence.
Good for your health
Good for your health
Designed for a higher quality of life
No electricity or batteries required
Energy efficient
Energy efficient
Saves energy by improving thermal insulation
Discover all the advantages of Biodry!
How we work

At Biodry, we are committed to ensuring your property stays dry forever.

Shall we start?

Diagnosing damp
Signing the contract
Hiring the system
Installation and measurements
Monitoring the drying process
Inspecting the drying process
Find out how to eliminate damp permanently.

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Biodry surprised me in a good way. Not only did the humidity level start to fall, as promised, but the bad smell of mould also disappeared within the first month.


The paint doesn’t peel off anymore! Before installing Biodry, I had to paint the walls every year because the paint kept peeling off. We haven’t once worried about how they look since they were dried out.


Biodry works. Before using Biodry, the farmhouse was always cold, so we ended up having to leave on the third day. Today is Friday evening and it is very warm and cosy.


I was very worried about my children’s health. Now that the walls are dry, our quality of life has greatly improved. Deciding to go with Biodry was an excellent idea.


I first came across Biodry in a trade fair for organic food and what I liked most about it is that the equipment does not produce electrosmog. I feel as if the levels of humidity have fallen now and I no longer get mould on my clothes.


I am very satisfied. I never thought that I would ever be able to solve the problem of rising damp. I recommend Biodry because it is also a solution that is very easy to implement.


Chose the Biodry system because it is a method that does not damage the structure of the church. The first technical inspection has already been performed and the levels of humidity have fallen significantly.


They are very professional, installation is quick and the technical inspections allowed me to see first-hand that my house was drying out. Right now the walls are completely dry.


We have it in our second home. What we liked the most about it, without a doubt, is that it is a self-sufficient device. The fact that it does not need to be connected to the mains means that we have one thing less to worry about.

Jose and Cristina

The door frames had swollen due to very high levels of humidity and the doors wouldn’t close properly. Six months later and I no longer have this problem.

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