Is it harmful to health?

Not at all! It is a passive, biological device. It does not release anything into the air. It holds health and safety certificates which confirm that the device does not affect human, animal or plant health.

Does the device interfere with other appliances?

It doesn’t cause interference because it’s a passive system. It doesn’t generate electromagnetic waves that can interact with other everyday devices. Biodry adapts and reflects the natural waves produced by capillary ascending moisture.

How does it work?

It reflects the electrostatic interference (electromagnetic wave) in the walls, creating the phenomenon known as “resonance”. This phenomenon cancels out interference, thus forcing it to stay in the ground. Water is unable to stick to the capillaries and gravity returns all the moisture and the salts to the ground.

How can I tell if the device is working?

During installation, a qualified Biodry technician will check the electrical potential in the wall using a multimeter. An hour and a half after the device has been installed, a second measurement will be taken and the technician will examine the change in potential while making sure that the device is running. Once functioning, it is impossible to interrupt the drying process. It is just a matter of time until you see the results.

How long does it take walls to dry out?

Drying times depend on the type of wall, the height to which the moisture has risen and other factors that vary depending on the type of building. Based on statistics, the system is capable of drying out 60%-70% of the moisture in walls within the first year.

Does it work on retaining walls with lateral pressure?

The moisture in retaining walls is not caused by rising damp alone. This is why we cannot guarantee that the walls will dry out completely, however there will certainly be a vast improvement. Further steps need to be taken to ensure the walls dry out completely.

What is the lifespan of the device?

The device has no moving mechanical parts or electrical wiring that could cause it to deteriorate. As a result, it works just as well even after many years. To this day, no devices have been returned to us and we haven’t had to repair any devices either, even after years of continuous operation.

How often does it need to be serviced?

This device is maintenance-free. It can operate non-stop for 100 years if it is not tampered with.

What sets it apart from other systems?

Unlike other systems that change the polarity (effect) of water, Biodry does not interact with the water molecules. Once it has started to tackle the “consequence”, it directly intervenes in the “cause” of capillary ascending moisture, thus eliminating damp forever.